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Slovakia cities are full of many original historical and medieval buildings. Many Slovakia cities have historical centers. Existence of many historically significant cities in Slovakia proves the fact that 18 Slovakia cities are historical reservations.


Liptovský Mikuláš

is situated in northern Slovakia. It is surrounded by massive mountains of Low Tatras (Low Tatras National Park), West Tatras (Tatra National Park) and Choc Mountains.

Liptovský Mikuláš is undoubtedly an attractive tourist destination. For its colourfulness and treated houses, the historical centre of the town is an attractive place for visitors. Dominant landmarks like the Church of St Mikuláš, a former county house, and Illesházy Mansion are significant.



is administrative center of down Liptov. Town is situated on the confluence of rivers Váh and Revúca in the western part of Liptovská fold on the landmark of Slovak mountain ranges – Veľká Fatra, Chočské hills and Nízke Tatry. First written mention about settlement comes from year 1233. First town privileges gave archbishop Tomáš from Ostrihom by deputy of Scholastic, chevalier Donč in year 1318. 

King Robert confirmed and expanded privileges in year 1340. Part of privileges was municipal lines determination, within town´s frontiers were created so-called town’s street Biely Potok, Černová, Vlkolínec and Villa Ludrová.
In year 1390 king Žigmund stopped bright expansion of royal town and gave Ružomberok into keeping of Likava´s manor. Somewhere in this history point is beginning of long-continuing conflicts between Ružomberok and Likava´s manor.
Despite of this town has developed into the natural, commercial, market and handicraft center.


Vlkolínec village

unique reservation - Village built up out of nothing but wood (UNESCO)
45 original constructions of national architecture, Dominant wooden bell tower