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Perhaps it is wise to start with a list of things you will not find in Slovakia:

(many people assume that these are reasons not to travel here, and this must be put right)

War, or armed conflict of any kind and….

Slovakia is not part of, nor does it border on, any region which has seen any large-scale hostilities. The most recent war conflict in Slovakia ended in 1945.
In 1968, Soviet tanks flooded into the country, but they did not too much damage in cities and it was, after all, not a war.

Post-Communist collapse into ethnic violence, as happened in 1990s to the south in the Balkans. But Slovakia is not in Yugoslavia nor even anywhere in the Balkans - Slovakia is not Slovenia.
You have probably heard of the Velvet Revolution in 1989. It was really a velvet-smooth revolution, no lives were lost. And it was a similar case when Czechoslovakia split in two in 1992. The 'peaceful divorce' was admired by people in other countries.



So far there were no terrorist attacks - Slovakia is a very small player on the international scene (no cities with over half a million inhabitants). Nevertheless the threat of terrorism is taken seriously and all necessary preventive measures are in place.


Anti-foreigner aggression

The vast majority of Slovaks actively welcomes contact with foreigners - negative incidents are more rare here than in western Europe. (over the years, there have been three or four isolated cases of attacks)



Let’s continue with what you may be pleasantly surprised to find:


Beautiful nature - Slovakia has 9 national parks with unique fauna and flora which offer everything you could imagine:

  • rich collection of mountains: from high breathtaking mountains , through forested hills to low valleys. 4example: The High Tatras - the smallest "high-range" mountains in the world, often also called the "Slovak Mini-Alps",

  • amazing caves … there are 660 caves in Slovakia, one of these - the Dobsinska Ice Cave - being the oldest cave in Europe

  • extraordinary canyons, water falls, mineral springs and geysers ... 4example:….Slovak Paradise


Unique thousand-year culture, rich history as present:

  • historical towns and landmarks such as astonishing castles and cathedrals, chateaux, mansions and ruins … Oravsky / Spissky castle being the biggest ruin in Central Europe
  • villages with preserved folk architecture from the past
  • wooden churches

All kind services are on high level but much cheaper of comparable one in the EU.

  • extraordinary spas based on healing mineral springs and other natural curative climate resources. The costs of health care (including 2-3 procedures per day and full board) begin from 20 in hidden, to 90 in well known spas. .. Spas treat diseases of various kind: digestive, rheumatism, cardiovascular ...
  • many nice accommodation: in guest houses from 6 - person/night; hostel and hotel from 10
  • very good (and by international standards very inexpensive) restaurants. Those who wish to save money can easily survive on fewer than 6 per day. For instance, meals starting at 2 and complete dinner around 10; beer (0,5 l) – 1
  • excellent infrastructure, well-maintained roads, a very reliable phone system, generally dependable water and exemplary electrical services, and extensive public transportation within and between cities and even villages.