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Americká č.208, 034 82 Lúčky

... multiply of roads...


Route from Banská Bystrica  (E77 / 59) to Lúčky

In Ruzomberok turn right- direction toward Liptovský Mikuláš. Turn left to Lisková, Lúčky (2km behind Ružomberok) (road goes behind deserted complex of buildings)

Route from Liptovsky Mikulas to Lúčky

- By motorway D1 from Poprad:

by motorway D1, short cut through bridge in village Ivachnová  (after "Exit Bešeňová" go straight, after 100meters right, roate leads along the newly built industrial hall, turn right across the bridge, at the end left, over the railway crossing, follow the main road, turn right along the cemetery....

by motorway D1, main road through village Bešeňova

Route from Liptovsky Mikulas to Lúčky, alongside the water reservoir "Liptovská Maria", via Aquapark Tatralandia, and villages (LiptovskýTrnovec, etc)

Route from Liptovsky Mikulas to Lúčky  alongside villages: Svätý Kríž, Partizánska Lupča, Ľubela ... (Road 18)


Road from Dolný Kubín to Lúčky

- Side route from Dolný Kubín to Lúčky via villages: Leštiny, Osádka and mountain ridge

In winter season do not use this side road. It´s nice road, but from Osádka to Lucky is very steep and not maintaining in winter (with lot´s of snow...)

- Over the mountain pass "Brestová", passable in winter, rarely problems during the intense snowfall, caused by blocking truck

* shortening the journey in Ruzomberok. Along the river Vah and rail with the view of the paper concern of Mondi Group.  Immediately on entering Ruzomberok turn left....

* Main road. In Ruzomberok turn left - direction toward Liptovský Mikuláš. Turn left to Lisková, Lúčky (2km behind Ružomberok)   (road goes behind deserted complex of buildings)